Welcome! Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you found some content here useful, or at least amusing 🙂

I am a guy who likes to fix things, from minor U/X plagues like “where did that web page button go?” to making sure technology processes and systems don’t go boom. I’ve spent the last several many years working in education, first at a university art school and now at a charter school network in Los Angeles.

My current passion is all things Amazon Web Services. I’ve spent the last two years experimenting and implementing cloud services to meet our students’ needs. I am also learning how to program in python for some serverless magic, as well as figuring out Bootstrap 4.0 for responsive design.

I am also a big nerd when it comes to 3D printing and modeling.

Most of my experience has been in client support and infrastructure (switching, servers, managed services, etc), but I am constantly looking for the next challenge.

If you have a question or just want to chat, hit me up at soops at ucla dot edu, and let’s connect!