My Azure Learning

As the new job requires me to be proficient in Azure and Terraform, I took the opportunity to practice deploying resources and taking notes. It’s been really interesting and is an ongoing effort, as I prepare for the first of 5 certifications in Azure. If you are interested, check out my Github repo.

Gigging as a contractor, those days are over…

The last two years as an IT contractor have been really intense, with both of my contracts ending early and giving that uneasy unemployed feeling. My last assignment with a major media company has been a great opportunity to get exposed to lots of design patterns and best practices. Life as a systems reliability engineer was exactly what I needed to see what operating at scale under enterprise conditions. I got an opportunity to get better at terraform and cloudformation, use chef and gitlab-ci, build containers and deploy them to a kubernetes cluster in AWS. Just brain meltingly  cool stuff!

Sadly, the pandemic shut down my time as an SRE prematurely, so back into the world of job hunting. Very scary, as the day I got my layoff notice the recruiters stopped calling because the talent pool became an ocean, so many IT people were being let go. My SRE team got cut 40%, and others I thought would be critical an un-cut-able are looking for work.

Luckily, I had maintained contact with a friend from a previous contract (at yet another major media company), and he turned me onto an opportunity in financial technology. I’m now working as devops engineer (I know, it’s not a job title, but it is here)
 in Azure for a well known bank. That is something of a sea change for me, but I’m looking forward to it, and it is a proper J.O.B. and not a contract, so that is pretty nice to have some semblance of security.  I’m certainly blessed and grateful to be so lucky in this these times of trial. Watching the Linkedin and Twitter has been really depressing for the last 3 months, as so many of my peers are scrambling to keep working while tech companies fold all around us. Time to focus, improve my skills, and keep swinging for the fences.