First Jenkins success build disaster recovery stacks

Now that I have most of the disaster recovery scripts built (still testing and solving little issues, but getting close!), I thought I’d give Jenkins a try. I’ve built a freestyle job and used the AWS CloudFormation plugin, pointed it at the root stack in S3, and voila! It builds. A couple of things to figure out:

  • I’m not having any luck auto-building from commits. I need to work out a process that will take the steps of pulling the code, and syncing it to my S3 bucket so that Jenkins can build it.
  • As I am using a jenkins container, I don’t have the awscli installed and can’t script the commands. So far, building my own jenkins install with all the tools built seems the way to go, but if there are CloudFormation plugins, there should be something similar to what I need. That, or build it myself (hmm…..).
  • I can’t get an update to work through Jenkins. The build throws an error about a badly formatted template when I try an update, but that update works fine if I do a manual stack update. I I delete the stack and build again, it works fine. Weird….

So, so more troubleshooting ahead. I’m still working on why the load balance instances keep initializing and then get replaced, I think it is a health check setting… Back at it!

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