Passed the DevOps Pro exam!

I just got back from taking the test, and I am so relieved. That test was much harder than the Solutions Architect Pro exam, and even though I’ve been reading and practicing for a month, I didn’t score as high as I would have liked. Since I haven’t had the need to use Elastic Beanstalk and OpsWorks yet, I had trouble with the highly detailed questions about those services. The test was even more challenging than the practice tests on Whizlabs, so while they were useful for practice, the practice tests were no guarantee.

The testing conditions were much better this time, everything was snappy and no construction noise. There was an accident on the freeway that kept me parked for 30 minutes, which I used to review. The rain was pretty intense, worse when I got out. Definitely grateful to have made it to the testing center in one piece, and to have been able to study and pass this certification. Now, on to Jenkins and Ansible certs! 

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