Cubicle Dweller

The new gig is pretty interesting. I’m working on the AWS portion of a log aggregation tool, and I am having to develop pieces to validate we are getting the logs we expect. This is putting me in a developer role, which I haven’t had to do in over a decade, and I am having to learn a lot of python very quickly.

The boto3 reference guide has been a constant staple, and I have had to develop functions to interrogate accounts for 35 different services, which has been pretty cool. The challenging part has been to compare two separate dictionaries full of account ids and the service they use, and create a file that show the discrepancies between the two. Working with dictionaries as a data type is pretty new, and getting to the nested values is a challenge. I managed to populate a dictionary as a json object for the first time. It is a bit confusing, as I can get the keys for the dictionary pretty easily with the dict.key() method, but getting the next set of keys and updating the values is pretty tricky with the dict.update() method. When I try to build an update function to modify the first dictionary, I keep getting key errors. I’ve got a template for the update but I can’t figure out how to iterate through the dictionary effectively. So, time to tear the script apart and test the pieces, and hopefully I can get it all fixed by tomorrow’s stand up meeting.

I’m used to working with a close knit group of folks where I have been on staff for more than 10 years, so being the new guy and a contractor on the team is a bit weird. I don’t know how long I will be on this project, and what will happen when the project is over. I hope I can continue with this team to other projects, but I might get reassigned to a new team and have to start all over. At least I am working on new and interesting problems, but being stuck in my cubicle while the rest of the team goes to lunch or gets coffee is a bit tough to take. I’m trying to develop relationships with other consultants, but everyone is very locked in on what they are doing, so not much company level socializing is happening.

I adapted the Rifleman’s Creed to cubicle life: This is my cubicle. There are many like it but this one is mine…

I’ve had to buy a set of full coverage head phones so I can stay focused because I am near the kitchen and the elevator, and people are often having animated conversations nearby and it gets rather distracting, especially since I am not part of those conversations. Oh well, it has been a month since I joined, and so far, this is a pretty good gig. Just got to get really good at python and serverless functions so I can keep contributing. I see lots of evening practice programming in my immediate future. I also need to focus on getting my DevOps Engineer pro certification so I can land on a devops team if necessary. Lots to do!