Being pulled back to the Dark Side… Windows…

Well, these last few weeks have been a learning experience. I am finding that people are wanting more Windows (legacy Windows, no less!) experience, or much deeper Linux experience. Working at a school means I am not working with large scale distributed systems, and without a DevOps certification, I am not getting a second look. So, time to dive into PowerShell, Terraform, Windows 2016 as well as drive on with my LPIC and AWS certifications. Apparently the SA Pro is not the golden ticket to fame and fortune that I had hoped. Still, good opportunity to learn even more. One day my ship will come in 🙂

Yay! More tagging!

Today AWS allowed tagging of elastic IPs. No more opening up separate screens to find the name of the attached instance! It is ridiculous how happy this makes me. Yay! Whoop! Hurrah!